Solenoid Valve (Double Coil) Power-Genex



Jual Solenoid Valve Power-Genex  (Double Coil)
Sama halnya solenoid SIngle Coil, Solenoid Valve Power-Genex tipe Double Coil juga cocok digunakan di rough working environment.
– Direct NAMUR mounting / screw mounting
– Rugged aluminum die-cast housing
– Convertible dari 5/2 way menjadi 3/2 way
– Rotatable valve head untuk optimal mounting
– Dapat digunakan hingga SIL 3 acc. IEC 61508
– Tahan api, Ex d IIC T6 / T5 / T4 (KC IECEx ATEX)
– Usable up to SIL 3 acc. IEC 61508
– Flameproof, Ex d IIC T6/T5/T4 (KC IECEx ATEX)
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